Armand du Pontavice

Managing Partner, Chief Investment Officer (CIO)

Christer Hegardt

Portfolio Manager

Arcadio Mir

Managing Partner, Chief Risk Officer (CRO)

Cristofer Gelli

Managing Partner, Co-CEO, Chairman

Damien Pineau-Valencienne

Asset Manager

Christian Benedetti

Asset manager, Vice President

Christophe B. Sierro

Managing Partner, Co-CEO

Manfredo Radicati di Primeglio

Portfolio Manager

Raphaël Widmer

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Andrea Manghi

Managing Partner, Head of Business Development


Team Spirit

Through a collective and coordinated approach, we aim to provide the highest level of global wealth management expertise, and service accuracy.

Our team has been chosen for its expertise and academic credentials, and for its capacity to engage in dialogue. It leads the business, combining its skills with full personal involvement.

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